$297,000 USD

Thunder Mustang


Kit Contents



Fuselage Halves Carbon/graphite left & right
Cowlings 7 piece – bottom, two top halves, cowl ring, joiner strips, camlocks, intake ducting, air filter and all mounting hardware
Bulkheads, 9 fuselage station bulkheads, firewall and instrument panel
Canopy and Windshield Canopy frame, tracks, crank and all hardware; windshield pieces, frames and all mounting hardware
Intake and Exit Ducting for cooling systems Gear-motor drives for cooling doors and all mounting hardware
Seats Front and Back – shoulder and lap belts for both seats and all mounting hardware
Baggage Compartment components
Control System Adjustable rudder pedals front and rear, control sticks, all push-pull tubes, cables and all mounting hardware
Horizontal Stabilizer Spars, ribs, hinge components and all mounting hardware
Elevator Spars, ribs, hinge components and all mounting hardware
Rudder Spars, ribs, hinge components, electric trim components and all hardware
Adhesive, 2-part structural epoxy

Landing Gear

Landing Gear Struts, half-forks, mountings and axles for mains and tailwheel. Also includes main gear trunnion boxes and all mounting hardware
Wheels, replica aluminum Bearings, seals, assembly and all mounting hardware
Tires 6.5 x 8 main gear tires and a 4.10 x 4 tailwheel tire
Triple-puck Brake System Rotors, calipers, master cylinders all plumbing and all mounting hardware
Actuators Al hydraulic cylinders for main gear, gear doors and tailwheel retraction
Plumbing All tubing, fittings, valves and all mounting hardware


Engine System, RFI V-12 Gear reduction unit and accessory drive components installed by Thunder Mustang LLC.
Propeller, MT four-blade constant speed Prop governor and all mounting hardware
Spinner Bulkheads and all mounting hardware
Engine Mount, welded tube steel Isolator bushings and all mounting hardware
Oil & Ethylene Glycol cooling systems Oil cooler, radiator, plumbing and all mounting hardware

Electrical System

Engine electrical system 60 amp alternator and regulator, wiring harness for engine ignition system, Electronic Control Units, switches and other components
Batteries Main and auxiliary batteries and mounting boxes
Aircraft Electrical System Wire, relays, switches, breakers, warning lights and other components


Wing Skins One piece top skin and two bottom skins
Main Spar Attachment of main spar to top with skin at Thunder Mustang LLC.
Aft Spar
Ribs 13 each side
Gear Doors Inner and outer skins precisely bonded together at Thunder Mustang LLC., hinges, locks and all mounting hardware
Fuel Tank System Electronics International fuel quantity probes, gauges, tank sealant plumbing and hardware
Flaps Spars, ribs, hinge components, mounting hardware and electric gear-motor drive
Ailerons Spars, ribs, hinge components, electric trim components and all mounting hardware
Hard Point attachment fittings 3 tie-down rings and attaching hardware
Pitot tube
Wingtips All mounting hardware
Adhesive 2-part structural epoxy