Thunder Mustang: The Fastest Piston Powered Kit Plane Ever Built


The extraordinary Thunder Mustang offers its owner a unique blend of speed, maneuverability and mystique.  Given the power to weight ratio, it outperforms the original North American P-51D fighter at a fraction of the cost.


Falconer Engine


Thunder Mustang kits contain everything from the spinner, prop and engine to the tail wheel, less your choice of instruments, avionics, paint and upholstery.  Each piece of the aircraft reflects professionalism in craftsmanship and technical achievement that sets a new standard for excellence.  Extensive prefabrication helps reduce construction time and eliminate hassles.

Fabrication of the Thunder Mustang structural components employ the near exclusive use of carbon fiber pre preg cloth. These parts are cured under vacuum in a computer controlled oven. Carbon pre preg provides exceptional strength and light weight. Kevlar is used in addition to carbon fiber where the structure benefits. Some non structural parts are fabricated of epoxy/glass.



There is currently one kit immediately available for purchase.  Additionally, one aircraft has been professionally completed by the new Thunder Mustang company and is also available for purchase. Please contact Dean Holt for more information.


If you have questions about owning the world’s fastest and most powerful kit plane, contact Dean Holt at sales@thundermustang.com.


Thunder Mustang Details and Specifications


Powerplant                                                    640 HP Falconer V-12 @ 4800 rpm

Displacement                                                 601 cubic inches

Propeller                                                        MT 94.5“ four blade constant speed

Length                                                            24.2 feet

Frontal Area                                                   8.1 square feet

Wing Span                                                     23.8 feet

Wing Area                                                      104 square feet

Wing Loading                                                 28.84 lbs./sq. ft.

Power Loading                                               5 lbs./hp

Gross weight                                                   3,200 pounds

Empty Weight                                                 2,100 pounds

Useful Load                                                    1,100 pounds

Standard Fuel Capacity                                 102 gallons

Baggage Capacity                                          6.5 cu. ft.

Design Limit Load Factor                             +9/-6 Gs




Rate of climb @ 3000 lbs. gross wt.         5,500 feet per minute

Maximum level speed, sea level                390 mph/340 knots

Cruise speed @75% power                           340 mph/295 knots

Range                                                               Approximately 1,000 nm @ econ. cruise

Service ceiling                                               24,000 feet


Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds


Vx (best angle of climb)                               100 mph/87 knots

Vy (best rate of climb)                                  175 mph/155 knots

Va (design maneuvering)                             255 mph/222 knots

Vfe (max flaps extended)                             190 mph/165 knots

Vle (max landing gear extended)                170 mph/148 knots

Vne (never exceed)                                        505 mph/439 knots

Vs1 (stall, clean)                                               88 mph/78 knots

Vso (stall, in landing configuration)            79 mph/69 knots

Best glide                                                         176 mph/153 knots